Saturday, 15 May 2010

OK, it's not finished but....

Well, my first piece of art is up in this post, it's not finished but I'd like you to see the transition, in retrospect I probably should have put it up when it was just in its pencil stage. I was inspired to do this piece after seeing the cover to 2000ad prog 1684, and inspired is what it was in my view, I saw his pose and thought:' huh, I'd like to draw that kind of pose, but in my style' So I did. The only times I really had to look at the cover for reference was for the forearm part of the glove (only because I didn't know exactly what all the details for his costume where) but I did not copy it, I used it for reference, then there was the lawgiver ( again used as reference for some of the minor details, but not copied) and a few ( but not all ) of the shells flying out of the gun, purely because there were about three I couldn't draw and I was worried I was going to mess them up. There are obvious similarities between mine and Cliff Robinson's cover, because I deliberately used the pose and parts of his drawing for reference, but I did it in my style and do not believe I have plagiarised his simply amazing work. Please bear in mind when viewing my art that I am only, well nearing 15, however I would like to be taken seriously; but my art may not be of very high standards compared to some of you viewing this blog. Any feedback would be great as well!
Thanks, Will.


  1. The great Cam Kennedy said during his interview with Colin MacNeil at Hi-Ex! this year that copying someone else is okay. The main reason is that it helps you get used to drawing the figures, perspectives, etc... Eventually your unique own style will emerge.
    Now if Cam Kennedy can say that, then go for it.
    He said this to us all but it was in answer to Peter Wolf off the 2000AD online forum, one of the Hell-Trekkers.

  2. thanks, I like to think I've kind of put my on mark on it a bit, but also wanted to post something a bit more original, thanks for the comment!

  3. Hello Will.
    Don't worry too much about stamping your own style on your work at this early stage. You are very young and going by this piece alone, a talented artist. Many aspiring artists start off being heavily influenced by others they admire. It's only natural and will eventually lead to your own unique style developing all on it's own without you even trying. Best of luck for the future.